FiberSense adds further monitoring for NEXT subsea cable

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FiberSense adds further monitoring for NEXT subsea cable
Mark Englund, FiberSense

Australia's FiberSense has expanded its monitoring and protection technology solutions for global backbone provider Southern Cross Cable Networks new NEXT link, connecting Sydney, Auckland, the Pacific Islands, and Los Angeles.

SCCN uses FiberSense's DigitalAsset Marine threat monitoring system, which provides real-time of anchor dragging or bottom trawling that could damage subsea cables.

It can also detect other threats such as rock falls and unauthorised tampering, locating uncovered sections of cable, or so-called strumming, when the fibre-optic conduit is suspended above the sea floor, being vulnerable to external damage and faults.

The DigitalAsset Marine system integrates with the Automatic Identification System (AIS) for shipping, allowing network operators to contact vessel owners via radio to prevent them from causing damage.

Dean Veverka, SCCN's director of networks, said the cable operator has been trialling FiberSense vibration detection solutions since 2019, and reaped benefits from its detection and deterrent capabilities.

FiberSense was founded by Dr Mark Englund, who is also the company's chief executive.

Englund said FiberSense is monitors over 450 kilometres of combined terrestrial and marine segments for SCCN in the Pacific region.

Well-known Australian network entrepreneur Bevan Slattery who founded Superloop, SubPartners, Megaport and NEXTDC among other companies, is co-chairman of FiberSense.

Digital Realty's chief technology officer Chris Sharp is FiberSense's second co-chairman.

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