Starlink median download speeds match NZ fixed broadband

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Starlink median download speeds match NZ fixed broadband

Broadband connection performance testing firm Ookla has collated metrics for SpaceX's Starlink and found that customers get median download speeds very close to what fixed broadband subscribers receive.

Ookla's Speedtest measured Starlink as providing 118.70 megabits per second versus 116.83 Mbps media download speeds.

In Australia, the median download speed difference was more marked, with Starlink sitting at 124.31 Mbps whereas fixed broadband connections only managed 50.87 Mbps.

New Zealand fixed broadband service is the fastest in Oceania for median upload speeds, managing 84.34 Mbps with just 6 millisecond latency, or packet delay, in the first quarter of this year.

Starlink can only manage 13.09 Mbps median uploads, at a 78 ms latency which is much higher than the 47 ms packet delay for Australian SpaceX broadband subscribers.

Lithuanian Starlink customers get the highest median results on Ookla's Speedtest, with 160.08 Mbps downloads and 24.19 Mbps uploads, and a latency of 63 ms.

Ookla's testing points to Starlink being the fastest satellite broadband provider in Australia and New Zealand, and the company said customers are flocking to the SpaceX company for access to high-speed internet service in rural and remote areas.

Starlink looks set to receive competition from Amazon's Project Kuiper which is set to launch this year, and the merged Viasat/Inmarsat company in 2023, with both intending to launch low earth orbit satellite constellations for broadband service.

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